Obtain Authentic Confidence, Create Unmatched Value, And Play Life To Win, With Purpose.

Welcome To Legendary Closers!

I’m John Albert Ferguson, I created this community to bring together ambitious and purpose driven sales professionals to help impact 7 core areas of our lives. 

As a sales professional for over 20 years myself, these core topics are top of mind. 

We are committed to covering all the topics valuable to sales professionals like, Showing Value In Your Offer Authentically, Mastering Sales Methods, Relationships Of Trust, Authority Positioning, Eliminating Objections, Having Prospects Beg To By From You, Master Closing Skills, Wealth As A Closer and most important Playing Life To Win.

So John, how is it that You are qualified to do this…

Maybe I’m not, my past scars in business may have made others give up, but they gave me renewed strength even if it was hard at first.

Like when I had to close my first business, and chose to pay sales commissions to my sales team instead of paying off my tax bill. Like when I had to sell off a chunk of my real estate investments after a partner embezzled or when I went so broke I lived in an unfinished basement relying on charity to survive.

Just thinking of my past failures lights me up!

Through all that, there’s 2 things that continued to bring me back:

#1 The People I Was Around and #2 My Unique System For Closing SALES! 

What I know is that I have a unique set of skills I’ve learned, a vast and rich background of experiences, an incredible honor of serving some of the world top experts, and a strong desire to be the best I can at my craft.

I’m betting you can relate to some of this too, or you wouldn’t be here right?!

If you are in sales, an independent closer, a sale professional and it’s time to live beyond the potential you’ve been preforming at, live an extraordinary life playing to win, I invite you to join the Legends!