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Welcome To The Community Of Legendary Closers

I didn’t start my professional career in sales. But when I entered the industry I found that what was available in training, lacked the needs of today’s sales person. 

I struggled to find a mentor at first and outside of the seminars, CD’s, and courses I took, finding a real mentor was a challenge. 

Finally when I found my first Sales Mentor, I had been in the game a couple years and learned some bad habits that I had to overcome. 

This is why I started Legendary Closers. 

To Give Sales people a community to rely on, a resource to be better.  

If you are looking to be a better closer, become the closer you where meant to be, you’re in the right place.

So why is having a community like this so important? 

Would you like to have more money, create more time in your day for yourself, close more sales with less effort, build a lifestyle outside of sales, become a stronger more effective closer, and live a life you where meant to live? Whatever you’ve been told before, all of this can be achieved by elevating and becoming more of what you already know how to do in SALES!

If you are ready to be a legend now, then you are invited to join us, join us on the podcast and the blog so can learn fresh strategies to help you in all aspects of being a better sales professional. 

You’ll be a part of a community of Closers just like you who have taken their abilities to the next level with their sales and their lifestyle.

I am grateful to Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn, Omar Periu, and Zig Ziglar for their wisdom and willingness to share. I am grateful and lucky to have had them as teachers and mentor along my path. Honored to have shared the stage with many of them.

More About John

for most of my start in sales, I was thrown to the wolves. No not other sales people, but clients.

In the industry of high ticket sales, coaching, network marketing, telemarketing seminar premium products sales, there isn’t much in the way of real development. 

If there was,  I didn’t know about it or didn’;t have time for it. Sales Calls came first if I wanted to Get paid. 

There wasn’t time for the other closers to teach me, they had to put in the time to make money as well.  Sure I got scripts, but they looked like an after thought without real clarity. The sales processes where mainly left to the sales person and not the organizations you worked for. 

I’m talking Fortune 500 and 100 sized sales teams, left to figure it out on there own

It might seem like I am complaining. Rather I am just putting a giant magnifier on the current problem no one is addressing.

Until NOW.

I saw how easy it was for some Closers to put up big numbers, close $67,000 packages, and cash massive checks.

Looking back, I can see how life and my career would have been much different having a mentor or community of successful closers I could rely on that could show me the ropes sooner.

Now life is much different, I have time to spend with my family, travel to beautiful places, go to our favorite theme parks, hit the road at a moments notice and live the life I wanted to live when I first got into sales. 

Closers, sales has taken a hit from what we’ve been taught in the past.  Selling the benefits just doesn’t cut it any longer and What it really means to be a sale professional and an expert at our craft is being shamed even from within our own ranks. Something must be done!

this is why I started Legendary Closers. We are going to make sales great again. We are going to rise together and we are going to establish a renewed standard of what it means to be a Sales professional that the world has ever seen!

I am not your guru. nor do i wish to be called that. I have expertise in the experiences I have had in life and sales and I am still looking to grow and better my craft. My goal is to share that with you, improve as a closer, and live a legendary life helping others do the same.

The world of sales as a High Ticket Closer has changed. WE are independents and if we are good, we can live a life extraordinary. 

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